Effect of Lily Tea

Published: Wednesday 15 November, 2017

Lily tea role and efficacy Description: Chinese medicine will be used lily flowers, mainly used in chronic lung disease, such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema who often cough or chronic cough. Have peace of mind, set courage, puzzle, lungs and cough. Moistening lung fire, rather soothe the nerves, but also reduce stomach pain. It has the effect of cool lungs, to the fire sedative. It also has effect of cough on phlegm lungs, sputum bloody, virtual annoying fright, insomnia, trance miraculous. Tune the lungs, for lung cough, lung cough and lung vomiting blood, cure cough, dizziness, sleepless nights and other effects.
Lily tea is the use of advanced science and technology will lily processed from the preparation, and to maintain the original lily biological activity, with the original ecological characteristics.
Lily cold bitter taste, nourishing and ginseng can stand side by side, the body has eight tonic benefits:
1, relieve uneasiness of mind and body tranquilization: lily for neurasthenic patients have therapeutic effect. Memory loss, insomnia and more dreams, dizziness, black eyes and even Hysteria, food lily will be treated effectively.
2, clearing away heart-fire and relieving restlessness: Some people heart Yin, poor spirit, often heartbeat, panic, upset, red tongue, uneasy, lily have the function of restorative, food can relieve symptoms.
3, tonifying middle-jiao and qi: Some people full of air, low words, weak breath, mouth dry mouth, loss of appetite, often in a state of apathetic, which is a lack of performance, if you eat more lily, you can alleviate the above symptoms .
4, tonifying Yin and defervescing: Some women often accompanied by symptoms of hypothermia, it is Yin, lily Yin and anti-inflammatory effect, eat more lily, the disease can be eliminated.
5, moisturizing anti-aging: lily contains a certain emollient ingredients, so eat lily people's skin is not dry, his face wrinkles less, according to the data reflect that in the history of some of the longevity star, many people are a large number of Lily eating.
6, relaxing bowel: Lily silky, Tongsheng power, patients with constipation, often eat without medicine, especially xeroma, the better.
7, reduce phlegm and quench your thirst: lily has the function of clearing the lungs, it can treat fever cough, or enhance the respiratory function of the lungs, so they can treat tuberculosis, all tracheitis patients, eat lily are helpful.
8, to prevent autumn-dryness disease: autumn, changing temperature, dry air wounding, will make some infirm tongue dry sore throat, dry cough without sputum, runny tears, adequate consumption of lily can avoid the above symptoms.