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E-mark Silver Pekoe Peony of Green Tea -$10/10piece

Silver Pekoe Peony of Green Tea is one of the best Chinese tea. tea-tea.com supply most of 100% organic green tea,black tea and loose leaf tea online.All of our tea are on full compliance with EU standards, have the examining report of SGS(none pesticide residue),the real Organic Healthy Drink for your health! It has pleasant drinking value and moving ornamental value. Peony Flowering Green tea offers many health benefits.
4.38 out of 5,   (8) 8Current Reviews:
87.5% of buyers enjoyed this product!
Review: 4.38 - ,
Absolutely AMAZING! My mother loved them saying they were some of the best teas she has ever had! Thank you so much!

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Shanghai & XiaMen, China
$100,000 provided by Macfee for the transaction