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E-mark Silver Pekoe Peony of Green Tea -$1/1piece

Silver Pekoe Peony of Green Tea is one of the best green tea. tea-tea.com is one of the biggest Chinese tea suppliers from China, we grow every tea pesticide-free and we also use no chemicals or flavor enhancers, the real Organic Healthy Drink for your health! It has pleasant drinking value and moving ornamental value. Peony Flowering Green tea offers many health benefits.
4.43 out of 5,   (14) 14Current Reviews:
88.6% of buyers enjoyed this product!
Review: 4.43 - ,
Well packaged, swift delivery and the tealeaves are outstanding - huge difference to the dust sold in teabags

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Shanghai & XiaMen, China
$100,000 provided by Macfee for the transaction