Features of Liupao Tea

Published: Wednesday 15 November, 2017

Liupao tea has closed branches, it has four main colors for the bud. Green tea accounts for 60%, purple bud tea accounts for 20%, white tea accounts for 5% and rice broken tea accounts for 15%. Green tea has the highest production and the best quality.

Naturally growing tea is 200cm high and 3.6 cm internal. With half oblique on the leaves, and it has 8.3cm length and 3.6cm width. The oval leaf-shaped and green color leaf has smooth or micro-long surface. The small amount of purple buds have less hair, density germination and strong holding tenderness; density germination of 702 / square meter, and weighing 0.46 grams. The bud seed germinates in mid-March, and terminates early in April. In mid-October, it turns jagged thick, deep and thin, the flat body slightly rolled in leaf volume, with tip leaf, tip blunt and 6-9 pairs lateral veins.