History of Wenzhou Yellow Soup

Published: Wednesday 15 November, 2017

Wenzhou yellow soup has been there since ancient times, but in different historical periods, people's different observation methods give the concept of yellow tea with different meanings. The earliest documented history of Wenzhou yellow soup, different from now refers to the Wenzhou yellow soup, is based on the original characteristics of tea varieties, tea shoots naturally grow yellow leaves. For example, the famous Anhui Shoushu yellow tea in the Tang Dynasty and Sichuan Mongolian Yellow bud as the tribute tea are all named after the natural yellow bud leaves.
Historically, before the systematic theory of tea taxonomy was invented, and in many consumers, most often discerned yellow tea with a sense of intuition. This method of identifying yellow tea confuses several types of tea with very different processing methods and tea qualities, and involves many different types of tea. As mentioned above because of the yellow leaves with bright yellow leaves named after the yellow tea, but in fact green tea. There are also mining rough old green tea, sunning green tea and old green tea are yellow soup, it is easy to mistakenly believe that Wenzhou Huang soup.