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Jasmine Red Dragon Pearl of Dian Black Tea - $1/1piece

Jasmine Red Dragon Beads of Dian Black Tea is one of the best Chinese black tea. tea-tea.com is one of the biggest Chinese tea suppliers from China, we grow every tea pesticide-free and we also use no chemicals or flavor enhancers (unlike most Green Pearl in the market).All products of our company has passed the certification by SGS,the real Organic Healthy Drink for your health!tea-tea is a professional shop specialize in Tea & Teawares produced for a “Healthy life”, Adhering to its slogan “Green & Alive”.
4.43 out of 5,   (14) 14Current Reviews:
88.6% of buyers enjoyed this product!
Review: 4.43 - ,
Fantastic packaging. Will be perfect for Valentines Day. I can't wait to give it to my husband. So tempted to open now and have a cup myself.... :) I think I'll wait though. Thanks very much!

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Shanghai & XiaMen, China
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