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Snow Bud Tea of Green tea -$10/10piece

Snow Bud Tea is one of the best green tea.tea-tea.com is one of the biggest Chinese tea suppliers from China and supply most of 100% organic green tea,black tea and loose leaf tea online. All products of our company has passed the certification by SGS,the real Organic Healthy Drink for your health!Snow buds named for the occasional white snow-colored patches that spot the leaf, this tea is harvested early and well captures nuanced and sweet tastes.
4.55 out of 5,   (11) 11Current Reviews:
90.9% of buyers enjoyed this product!
Review: 4.55 - ,
All the other reviewers gave me the idea to put in ever so slightly more into the pot and brew it for about 45 seconds longer than recommended and you have a really nice cup of tea that is a nice break from the usual.

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Shanghai & XiaMen, China
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