Storage Method of Phoenix Narcissus Tea

Published: Wednesday 15 November, 2017

Refrigerator Storage: Tea is placed in a dry, unflavored, sealed container, Then place tea in a freezer for storage. If the number of tea is relatively small, and the tea is very dry, We can also use the moisture-proof plastic bags store it, but we must notice that the bags should be better sealing well. 

Tin storage: tea put into a double tinplate tea cans, it is best filled with no gaps, so there is less air inside the tea pot. Double lid should be tightly closed and sealed with tape, ten put the tea pot into two nylon bags.

Thermos flask method: the tea put into a dry thermos bottle and cover the lid, then sealed with white wax.

Note: During the preservation of tea, the water content of tea can not exceed 5%, otherwise, you should dry it, and then stored. In the process of drying tea, the tools should be very clean, besides it can not have a little grease and smell, then slowly roasted with a small fire, to avoid tea scorched and broken or other odor pollution.
Basic requirements for the preservation of tea: First, tea must be dry, Second, the temperature must be low (generally 0-5 degrees Celsius more appropriate).