The Phoenix Narcissus Tea Grade Standard and The Purchase Guides

Published: Tuesday 14 November, 2017

Purchase Guides
Observe the appearance: The Phoenix Narcissus tea leave is larger, its shape is oval line, and its leaves is flat, the front is sharp.

Observe the bottom of the leaves: Phoenix Narcissus tea leaves is more evenly tidy, and the green leaves with a red edge.

Observe the soup color and taste: Phoenix Narcissus tea color is yellow, clear and bright, in addition, Phoenix Narcissus tea taste fresh and sweet and with a thick aroma.

Grade Standard
The Phoenix Narcissus tea is divided into Fenghuang single Cong, Fenghuang Langcao and Phoenix Narcissus according to the quality of the selection of the materials and the production process. Among of them, The best tea is single Cong which products by the best quality tea, then is the Fenghuang Langcao, and finally is the Narcissuse.